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Am Mo., 29. Juli 2019 um 15:51 Uhr schrieb Kevin Kenny <
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> To an American engineer (I can speak with some authority, *being* an
> American holder of an MSEE degree ;) ) 'communication' comprises
> either transmission or reception, or both, and 'spacecraft' includes
> 'satellite'. In each case, a more general term was chosen over a
> less-general one.

thank you for explaining spacecraft, I wasn't clear about this (while for
communication it is clear that one-way communication is still

> I don't mind mapping any sort of satellite_dish, but the attributes
> would have to depend on what you're mapping them _for_. Using them as
> landmarks ("turn right just past the building with six huge satellite
> dishes on the roof") is surely different from using them as amenities
> ("this neighbourhood has a communal satellite dish over *here* where
> you can see news"), and of course the attributes would differ.

sure. I read this as agreement to use the basic term also for "small"
household dishes?

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