[Tagging] A modest proposal to increase the usefulness of the tagging list

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 2 19:03:28 UTC 2019

Le 02.06.19 à 10:47, Simon Poole a écrit :
> I would suggest that we all, starting now, voluntarily submit to:

I will add the suggestion of a useful quoting.
a 4-sheet reply where you have to find in it the only line
that is not a quote, it's indigestible, a waste of time and clarity

Le 02.06.19 à 13:17, Christoph Hormann a écrit :
 > Any rate limitation to the proposal process would IMO
 > need to go with a clear agreement that the proposal
 > process is optional for creating a new tag.

I have 3 propals on standby, given the volume, I prefer to wait until
it calms down because human time is limited. why it is a problem ?
of on the contrary, it is in my opinion the best thing to do for
the propal process to lead to an increase in quality, which requires 
that the community has time to devote to it

Marc who will also try to make it shorter

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