[Tagging] A modest proposal to increase the usefulness of the tagging list

John Willis johnw at mac.com
Mon Jun 3 01:05:53 UTC 2019

in your email program of choice, sort anything with the tagging address in it into a separate folder. 

you can also thread your email and follow what you are interested in / have valid input in. 
> horse mounting blocks

I can safely ignore horse mounting blocks until voting because I have no constructive input. 

I merely follow the threads I am interested in - no one has to read everything. 

Reading a proposal page takes a negligible amount of time, as does voting. 

limiting talking because there is so many emails means you need to configure your email application better (PC, phone/broswer).

DO NOT LIMIT DISCUSSION. Don’t feel you need to be part of every discussion. 

The easy tags are done and gone. The rest is ever increasing levels of minutia let by people in ever-smaller niche interests and more technical input. 

this means many smaller discussions. 

The exception is repairing bad tagging decisions of the past (for me personally, removing highway=path). 

This means there will be big, wide ranging discussions mixed in with smaller niche discussions.

The only email based solution is to break tagging up into several mailing lists - roads / buildings / areas / amenities / etc - and I don't see that working. 

Thread it and give input where you like. 


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