[Tagging] About the diaper key

Valor Naram valinora at gmx.net
Wed Jun 12 14:14:59 UTC 2019


the proposal at
has been accepted now and I can start with the post-vote process and creating a wiki page. The property Key:changing_table success the Key:diaper for now but we or at least I have to deal with the question "What's going on with the diaper key". The answer seems clear: Key:diaper is now superseded by Key:changing_table. While it's the part you CAN definetly answer with ease. The second part properly not. "What do we do with the POIs having the Key:diaper?"

I am very excited about hearing your ideas since some of you noted that
just replacing the diaper key and its values with the key and the
values of the new key can be problematic.


Sören alias Valor Naram
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