[Tagging] refugee camp

Violaine_Do violaine_osm at posteo.de
Wed Jun 12 20:44:34 UTC 2019

As wikipedia (1) seems to say refugee camp implies internally displaced 
people it seem ok to me. (i was wondering if IDP was a type of refugees 
or different)

Maybe add a refugee_camp:for=refugee/idp..., refugee_camp:type= informal/...

I still want to point out that there is more than 2500 use of 
refugee=yes (2) so I add Allan to this discussion, hoping he has some 
more field feedbacks, what having this new tag would imply..



On 11/06/2019 21:51, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:

> I would prefer something like refugee_camp=yes or similar.
> Cheers, Martin


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