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> Usually they won't be used for residential purposes .. unless they have
> been demolished.

Around here a LOT of farms have converted at least one outbuilding to a
holiday cottage.
Most are still working farms.  In some cases the conversions have been sold
off as
permanent residences.  Farming is hard and unrewarding these days, so
conversion to
holiday lets brings in an alternative source of income whilst selling off
the conversion
brings in capital.  Farms that become uneconomic can end up with all the
being conversions for residential use.

There's also an element of planning permission to this.  Permission to put
up an outbuilding
goes through very easily.  Permission for conversion to worker
accommodation is relatively
easy to get.  Selling off worker accommodation as no longer required is OK

It tends to be the case that older outbuilding conversions are used as
holiday cottages
because they're seen as having more charm, and given names like The
Stables, The
Dairy, etc.

Conversion of farm buildings to residential buildings is not only possible,
it's frequent in
some parts of the world.

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