[Tagging] lanes = 0

Tobias Zwick osm at westnordost.de
Thu Jun 13 13:15:21 UTC 2019

> I think a tag to say "lane:marking=no" could be better for that situation???

1. or lanes:marked=no? (mark_ed_ instead of mark_ing_)

Would be (more) consistent with the naming of opening_hours:signed, collection_times:signed, (1k-2k usages each)

2. or nolanes=yes?

Would be consistent with noname=yes, noaddress=yes, ...

3. or lane_marking=no? I found this on taginfo, it has 90 usages. Personally, I like either 1 or 2 better though.

Point 1 and your (Warin's) suggestion have the advantage that it semantically refers to the lanes-key. Though on the other hand, would that imply that lanes=X should always be tagged if lanes:marked=no is tagged?


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