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Thu Jun 13 14:53:04 UTC 2019

A carriageway can have lanes or not.
A lane is a part of a carriageway with visual markings.

In Dutch law we have.
rijbaan = roadway = fahrbahn
and with visual marking, we have
rijstrook = lane = fahrstreifen
If there are no visual markings, there are no rijstroken / fahrstreifen / 

A two way roadway with no visual markings do not have lanes. lanes=no
There could be lanes=yes, better is to give the number of lanes lanes=2 and 
set lanes:forward lanes:backward.

Now, I do not set lanes=no, I like to, so that we can control, if on all 
roads lanes tags are set. To see, if there are data gaps.
nolanes=yes is not logic for me.
Are there lanes on a road?  Yes or No.  The answer is no, then the value 
must be, no,  so it must be lanes=no.
You do not ask: Are there no lanes on the road? People have problems with 
such a questions, mixed answers, failure rate is higher.
Negative question, we must avoid that!
Therefore,  avoid nolanes.

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