[Tagging] Deprecation of non-approved values for diplomatic=?

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Fri Jun 14 13:10:27 UTC 2019

Am Fr., 14. Juni 2019 um 13:40 Uhr schrieb Joseph Eisenberg <
joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com>:

> Right.
> By "deprecated" this is what I mean: should the wiki pages be changed
> to make it clear that diplomatic=honorary_consulate is no longer
> preferred, and could be changed to diplomatic=consulate +
> consulate=honorary_consulate ?

could be ok in this case (actually much more ok than listing
amenity=embassy with its stable 11000+ uses as deprecated).
It seems a bit strange there are only 1447 office=diplomatic but 5500
diplomatic=*, seems the office key isn't needed here.

Generally I agree with Frederik, we should be very reluctant to mark tags
as deprecated (i.e. it should happen after their usage significantly
dropped in favor of another tag, not for cases where the usage is stable or
still raising, and multiples of the alternative tagging).

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