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Fri Jun 14 22:00:19 UTC 2019

First, the consensus in OSM is, that only the tag key  lanes=* is used, when there is are visual markings for lanes.
Then the question is, are there lanes? Yes or no. How many?

lane_marking= no, we agreed (OSM), when no visual lanes there are no lanes, lane_marking, it is referring to lanes, that are not there, so useless tag.

If lanes=no is not right, lanes=0 zero means, that there are no lanes, zero is nothing.
I tagged a few , as you named two way road with no lane marking lanes=1, they told me that is wrong, I agree, it have no lanes/rijstroken/fahrstreifen, retagged them.

Width tag is way to go. For roads without lanes.
Estimation is difficult, maybe one day Mapillary can measure the width of the road.
In JOSM you can measure the width of a road, drag a line and see width.

Some countries, Goverment produce open data, look or agree with them if you can use it in OSM. (lisence)
Here a third party, https://bgtviewer.nl/ visualise the data. We can use it. To realign roads.
(A lot of the data is measured in, correct) We can not do better ;-).

Wider use of  lanes. We can not do that.
Just read all the dictionaries, wikipedia, etc. according to lanes, it is always lanes/rijstrook/fahrstreifen (images with markings)
First these must be rewritten, global accepted. This is not happening.
So OSM stays, lanes are a part of a road with markings.

lanes= is used for lanes, when there are no lanes, there should me a possibility to give a tag, lanes= is used, either it is lanes=no or lanes=0.
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