[Tagging] Verifiability of geometry

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 17 13:53:16 UTC 2019

Le 17.06.19 à 03:53, Joseph Eisenberg a écrit :
> we don't label Paris as the geographic center of Ile-de-France. 

You confuse the two
the Paris label is actually not based on the geography of
Ile de France since these are 2 unrelated things except
that one is admin_center of the other

> Instead, we place the node near the center of the main 
> business district and historic centre of the city of Paris, 

this way of doing things is common, but I find it inconsistent.
one cannot both say that the label role is arbitrary and replace
it with a node whose placement follows a conflict between several
unwritten and subjective rules.
it would be much more objectifiable to create nodes for the different 
criteria (historical/economic/administrative/tourism/geodesic centre), 
possible member of their relation, and each datause could choose
its main criterion when these locations are not the same

> since this is where everyone can agree is in Paris.

Paris maybe, but you are talking about Ile-de-France.
where the single node representing "ile de france" should be located ? 
look at the history of the node, you will see that there is
no unanimous opinion, it ends up being positioned where it
is most attractive, it is totally arbitrary

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