[Tagging] Verifiability of geometry

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Tue Jun 18 01:10:17 UTC 2019

On 17/06/19 23:53, marc marc wrote:
> Le 17.06.19 à 03:53, Joseph Eisenberg a écrit :
>> since this is where everyone can agree is in Paris.
> Paris maybe, but you are talking about Ile-de-France.
> where the single node representing "ile de france" should be located ?
> look at the history of the node, you will see that there is
> no unanimous opinion, it ends up being positioned where it
> is most attractive, it is totally arbitrary

Yes these things can be subjective. They can depend on human emotion not a physical thing.

For the 'centre' of place I tend tot go either for the post office or the railway station.
But it depends on the place and the local thinking. Locals know the place so they are don't say 'meet you in Paris' they would talk about a far more localised thing.

It is the tourist or causal observer who talks of 'Paris' as though it were a specific locality . and on there scale of though it is.
They are not concerned with the actual accuracy of the nodes placement .. as long as it is within Paris they will be happy.

Message: don't be too worried about the precise 'centre' of some large thing.. the actual users are not worried about it.

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