[Tagging] Designated spots for dogs to wait

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Mon Jun 17 22:50:15 UTC 2019

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> I've tried to look up how to tag these “dog parking spots”, but I don't
> know a concise name for them.

Me neither.  We have them here, but without signs.

Do you know of any accepted scheme? If there isn't, do you have any ideas?
> I was thinking of proposing something like dog=entrance.

Definitely not a good idea.  That would be a door for dogs to use to enter
the shop.  Possibly
a large cat flap.  Also any dog=* would be a bad idea.  It should be
something of the form key=dog,
because conceivably other animals could be attached (some people walk cats
on leashes).

Horses are often attached to hitching posts.  A hitch being a knot that
attaches a rope (or reins, or
leash) to a fixed object.   The ones around here for dogs are loops, or
not-quite-closed loops.  But
a hitching post or hitching rail would work as well as a loop does, and any
might actually be
provided.  So man_made=hitching_point, maybe.  Still not right, but
closer.  With optional hitching_point=dog|cat|horse|yes if you really feel
a need to specify what can or cannot be hitched

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