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> For the 'centre' of place I tend tot go either for the post office or the
> railway station.

I have a vague memory, which a brief search with google is unable to
confirm, that milestones in
Britain gave their distance from the head post office of a town.  Even if
that vague memory is
correct, I know of one town (Lampeter/Llanbedr Pont Steffan) where a rent
increase forced the
main (only) post office to move from the centre of town to a supermarket on
the outskirts of the

Railway station?  Lampeter had one once but it, too, was on the then
outskirts of the town.
Cardigan had one once, but it was on the then outskirts of the town.   In
fact, whilst larger
towns/cities in the  UK may have a main (or only) railway station in a
central location, the smaller
towns tend to have railway stations closer to the outskirts.  Or even
outside the outskirts.

Somewhere along the thoroughfare known as High Street or Main Street might
be a better bet.  But
towns can be drastically redeveloped over time and what was once the main
street is no longer
deserving of the name it retains.

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