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Andreas Lattmann andrea.lattmann at ga-2.it
Wed Jun 19 06:08:35 UTC 2019

>the example has little to do with wheelchairs, a paraplegic,
>a blind person, a patient could just as easily go for a walk

I understand that I did not explain the situation well.  I have seen that recently there have been activities that rent 4x4 wheelchairs at the beginning of the journey. They also provide the guards: helmet, etc.  they also advertise that the route can be done independently because they provide assistance.  These are routes that are not passable with normal wheelchairs, but 4x4 electric wheelchairs.  So, from how they advertise, a disabled person can go to the beginning of the journey, park the car, rent a 4x4 wheelchair with body protection and take the excursion.  I know that in Italy it is still in its infancy, and therefore few paths have the 4x4 wheelchair renter and therefore there are associations that offer the service of accompanying disabled people to the mountains (either with electric wheelchairs or by hand).  So they are not only paths made by associations but paths designed by municipalities, regions, etc.  There are also paths for blind people (I don't know how to tag them) made by the Lombardy region.  On Sunday I will go on the path named "Sentiero Sensoriale" dedicated to blind people.  From my previous excursion I saw that it has information panels written in Braille.


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