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> IMO wheelchair=yes means accessible for most basic wheelchairs.

Yes, but it's something that is frequently difficult to estimate. In
interviews with wheelchair users, many will give strong opinions about what
they personally think is accessible and their responses vary more than most
people expect. A few have even shared strong opinions about what they
believe all/most wheelchair users care about, even though a large
proportion of wheelchair users would actually disagree (for example,
avoiding curbs).

It might be helpful to break this down into examples comparing what
information the mapper has vs. what information the tag contains.

# In the case suggested by Andreas:

The mapper knows: that hiking associations have been creating hiking paths
in Italy that are deemed wheelchair-accessible by some metric. I don't know
what the metric is, but the effort sounds great!
The tag confers: that most wheelchair users can use that path.
The disconnects:
- The mapper does not actually know that the path is wheelchair-accessible,
they are trusting an authority to make that (complex) determination.
- That authority is not stated anywhere in the tag values so we cannot go
back and reevaluate the tagging based on a new understanding of their
metrics for wheelchair accessibility.
- It is challenging to verify wheelchair=yes on the ground. Except in the
most simple cases (flat, wide, textured concrete), you'd need some kind of
evaluation form based on a study on wheelchair users and statistics on
their use of different paths/barriers.
- How would we ever update this with wheelchair=no based on a ground
survey? Is there a metric for how many wheelchair users can't use the path
and who is collecting that data?

# In a case where an individual is actually at one of the trails and can do
a ground survey:

The mapper knows: what the ground conditions are along the trail.
Potentially, some of the information to look out for: steepness, cross
slopes, rugged terrain, narrow paths, sudden uplifts, stairs,
bollards/posts, surface conditions.
The tag confers: an assessment that most wheelchair users can use that path.
The disconnects:
- The mapper is likely not doing a thorough enough survey to actually know
what percentage of wheelchair users can use it.
- If another mapper uses their own, subjective idea of what counts as
wheelchair-accessible, they could easily disagree with the assessment and
prefer wheelchair=no. Who is right?

If the map simply states wheelchair=yes, a data consumer will not know by
which process the path was evaluated and any guess will end up being wrong
in one of the examples list above.

To address this situation, I recommend keeping the distance between what
the mapper knows and what the tag implies as small as possible. In this
case, what the mappers knows is that an authority (the hiking association)
is labeling the path as wheelchair-friendly, so we need a tag that
communicates, at most, that information. For example:
wheelchair:authorized=<name of hiking group>.



On Tue, Jun 18, 2019 at 10:01 AM Markus <selfishseahorse at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Tue, 18 Jun 2019, 18:42 Andreas Lattmann, <andrea.lattmann at ga-2.it>
> wrote:
>> would be included in the relations
>> I was thinking about this new tag because often particular wheelchairs
>> are used, for example: [1] [2]
>> So if I insert wheelchair = yes what other tag can I use to make it clear
>> that special equipment is needed?
>> [1] http://www.dappertutto.org/files/montagna_natura1.jpg
>> [2]
>> https://www.disabili.com/images/stories/disabiliabili/Extreme_X8/carrozzina_elettronica_per_sabbia.jpg
> If special wheelchairs are needed, i wouldn't tag the paths
> wheelchair=yes. IMO wheelchair=yes means accessible for most basic
> wheelchairs. We may need a tag for paths accessible for mountain or
> off-road wheelchairs.
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