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Am Mi., 19. Juni 2019 um 16:48 Uhr schrieb marc marc <
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> Hello,
> a contributor on talk-fr would like to provide more information
> about a vineyard.
> The question that arises is the tag to link the vineyard to the wine.
> Let's avoid a site relation, it was quickly very complicated given
> the cross-links between many actors.
> I'm thinking about a tag like for:product=* set on a landuse=vineyard
> what's do you think about it ?

Can you explain what you mean with "the wine"? Is this about the grape
variety? Or about the kind of wine that the winemaker makes out of it? Or
the name /brand of the winemaker?
For the latter, there are brand and operator. For the kind of wine, I would
say it is not suitable (you cannot see from the vineyard which kind of
process will be use to make the wine). If it is about the grape variety,
this seems indeed interesting detail and would be tagged on the vineyard.

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