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socket key is probably the most successful but for charging stations,
> the information is missing if it is a plug or a plug at the end of a
> cable on the terminal side.

Terminology gets messy.  Different parts of the world and different
industries give the terms
different meanings.

1) Contact shape.  For most common connectors, there is an analogy between
shape and sexual organs, so male contacts go into female contacts.  By some
definitions, male
contacts = plug, female contacts = socket, regardless of other factors (but
see point 2).

2) Fixed or free.  Fixed connectors are receptacles.  The free connector is
often known as a plug,
regardless of the contact style.  In the US the fixed connector is also
known as a jack whereas
in the UK it's the fixed connector that is known as a jack.  The term
"jack" should be avoided.
By some definitions, fixed connector = socket, free connector = plug,
regardless of other
factors (but see point 1).

3) It is possible for the fixed receptacle (a socket as per definition 1)
to have male contacts
(a plug as per definition 2).  See
where it shows a female VGA receptacle and a male DE-9 receptacle.  Both
are chassis-
mounted D-type connectors, one with male contacts the other with female
contacts.  Are they
both sockets (as per point 2) or one plug and one socket (as per point 1)?

4) Generally, the side of a connector pair that carries dangerous voltages
should be female
to make it harder for somebody to accidentally touch live parts.  However,
it is possible to get
connectors with shrouded male contacts.  So the free connector of a power
supply to have
female contacts (a socket as per point 1) it might have shrouded male
contacts (a plug as per
point 1).

5) You can get hermaphroditic connectors.  Not only are the contacts
hermaphroditic, but so are
the housings. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anderson_Powerpole  and

It may be better to tag them as connector=* rather than socket=* or plug=*
because even experts
(in different fields of the electrical/electronic industry and or different
countries) will disagree on
whether something is a plug or socket.

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