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So there are lanes and virtual lanes.

We must make a good distinction, I must be able to see immediately, whether I am dealing with a marked lane or a virtual lane, that has no marking.

Do not expect from a mapper, at a marked lane, also to set  marked = yes. (or else) to make the distinction.
See wikipedia and else, there all marked. 

A two-way road without a marking in our country, does not have lanes!  (law). Although, you can pass each other. There, we could have also a new tagcombination! But not lanes=* , these are marked! (law)
To make a good distinction, it must be immediately clear.

What do you think of:

lanes: virtual = (number),   lanes that have no markings. Not a second tag needed.

The same method as there is used highway: virtual = pedestrian, to make a route line over a pedestrian area. Or over a field, a beach.

You could say, lanes are created in the UK, lanes are created in OSM, these lanes where written down as marked lanes, to use lanes=* for virtual lanes was a abuse of the tag lanes=* , if you do use it, you make the definition unclear and that should be avoided, there is a new tag needed.
Problem solved.

Quote: yo_paseopor
In Spain is easy: when there is no marks =  lanes=1

Also when they are a passable, two way road?

When there are no marking there are no lanes.
lanes=1, like on a highway link, is indicating one way, one direction.

A lot of lanes=1 are deleted in our country, because they are not a lane (rijstrook)(law).

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