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Let's try looking at this from a different direction. All roads must have
the capacity to convey one vehicle width. Some roads have formal lane
markings ( in which case the number of lanes will be obvious) and other
road types have informal (i.e. none) lane markings. On the latter, the
number of lanes is somewhat variable, and may depend upon the road surface
type, the types of vehicles approaching, and recent precipitation ( which
could fill edges, and dynamically contract the width).

So maybe trying to put a finite number of lanes on an informal road
situation may be a long process that satisfies no one. On informal roads ,
width may be the only viable metric.

On Mon, Jun 24, 2019 at 7:41 AM Allroads <allroadsworld at gmail.com> wrote:

> So there are lanes and virtual lanes.
> We must make a good distinction, I must be able to see immediately,
> whether I am dealing with a marked lane or a virtual lane, that has no
> marking.
> Do not expect from a mapper, at a marked lane, also to set  marked = yes.
> (or else) to make the distinction.
> See wikipedia and else, there all marked.
> A two-way road without a marking in our country, does not have lanes!
> (law). Although, you can pass each other. There, we could have also a new
> tagcombination! But not lanes=* , these are marked! (law)
> To make a good distinction, it must be immediately clear.
> What do you think of:
> lanes: virtual = (number),   lanes that have no markings. Not a second tag
> needed.
> The same method as there is used highway: virtual = pedestrian, to make a
> route line over a pedestrian area. Or over a field, a beach.
> You could say, lanes are created in the UK, lanes are created in OSM,
> these lanes where written down as marked lanes, to use lanes=* for virtual
> lanes was a abuse of the tag lanes=* , if you do use it, you make the
> definition unclear and that should be avoided, there is a new tag needed.
> Problem solved.
> Quote: yo_paseopor
> In Spain is easy: when there is no marks =  lanes=1
> Also when they are a passable, two way road?
> When there are no marking there are no lanes.
> lanes=1, like on a highway link, is indicating one way, one direction.
> A lot of lanes=1 are deleted in our country, because they are not a lane
> (rijstrook)(law).
> Allroads.
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