[Tagging] My ban by user Woodpeck = Frederik Ramm

Ulrich Lamm ulamm.brem at t-online.de
Tue Jun 25 08:16:18 UTC 2019

Ten hours ago, user Woodpeck = Frederik Ramm has banned me for TEN YAERS!
For what?
For mapping courses of water.
Before, he had blocked me or using database data.
I ceased to enter figures that were available from databasaes only.
Then he blocked me for using figures from PDFs that could be called database, though indeed they have the status of any printwork.
I ceased to enter fiigures from such PDFs.

And in the las weeks I worked on courses of water in the country of Brandenburg. 
In brandenburg, there is no sophisticated official presentation of the courses of water (Gwent25 is very vague.).
At about 1900, almost the whlole network of courses of water was open air.
During 20th century, long sections have been hidden in culverts, most of them closely following the old courses and alike them the relief of the ground.
So I concluded the hidden parts of the courses of water from old maps and from the relief of the ground (which I saw from maps but which is nevertheless of to visits of the places). 
A well as the relief, changes of colour of the ground and plants (especially grass and cereals) can be seen by visits of the places.
I cases where I was not sure, I have phoned the maintaining companies, the Wasser- und Boden-Verbände (WBV).

This way, my mapping of courses of water including the culvert sections does not violate the principles of OSM.
And the ban is totally injust. 

Best regards
Ulrich Lamm

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