[Tagging] Emergency vehicle country-specific law

OSMDoudou 19b350d2-b1b3-4edb-ad96-288ea1238eee at gmx.com
Sat Mar 2 10:50:49 UTC 2019

> AFAIK emergency vehicles are exempt from limitations of traffic law (including oneway roads, forbidden access roads, speed limits, red lights, forbidden turns)

Belgian law requires they stop at traffic lights and exercise caution. Not only exercise caution, but explicitly stop. Also, they can’t go opposite direction of one-way streets, except motorways.

So, globally, yes, they have priority, but in the details, it’s more subtle.

French language references:
- https://leblogdumono.be/privileges-vehicules-prioritaires/
- http://www.policelocale.be/files/5318/files/downloads/A-propos/Prevention/VAC_2014-03.pdf
- https://www.matele.be/vehicules-prioritaires-meme-code-de-la-route-pour-tous

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