[Tagging] leisure=common replacement for public areas with some trees

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Tue Mar 5 09:03:38 UTC 2019

On 05/03/19 19:00, Marián Kyral wrote:
> Hi,
> recently was dropped [1] the leisure=common rendering from 
> openstreetmap-carto as it is "misused" by mappers. A suggested 
> replacements are: *leisure=park, landuse=grass and/or 
> landuse=farmland*. But there are many places around, that are not 
> official park and not grass as there are some trees as well. Typically 
> a small areas in the city between apartment buildings. These areas are 
> not official parks, gardens or grass. It is just a green accessible 
> for everoyne. So we can say it is a *public* or *common* green.
> So question is, how to tag it? There is also tag landuse=village_green 
> [2], but I don't like the word "village" there and as well, there are 
> plans to remove it, because it has the same issue as leisure=common.
> On landuse=village_green wiki, there is a nice sentence: *Such use of 
> the tag is incorrect, and a better tagging for these situations needs 
> to be defined.*
> So is the right time to do it now? What tag/tags we should use for 
> such pieces of green that are too small or to be a park, are not a 
> garden and are public accessible.
> What about e.g.: landuse=public_green? It could be also extended by 
> tags like trees=yes, scrub=yes or public_green=grass / 
> public_green=flowers.

Separate things...

Land use


Land cover

Try not to mix them up.

Usually the cover  does not follow the 'use' 100% so map them 
individually, the tree area separate from grass, flowers, rock etc.
natural=wood for the tree area
natural=bare_rock for rocks
man_made=flower_bed for flowers

Grass is unfortunate in that most tag it as a 'landuse=grass' when it is 
actually 'landcover=grass'. I use both tags, one for the render the 
other for clarity.
Concrete has no primary tag .. so I'd use landcover=concrete, it will 
not render. If it is a pedestrian way then tag the area as 
highway=pedestrian, surface=concrete.

Public? That is an access thing ... and as everyone has access there is 
no need to add a tag access=* - so leave it off and be happy.

Now the problem of land use.
A small areas in the city between apartment buildings is not a 'common'. 
Nor a 'park'.
I would simply say it is part of the residential area .. and leave it at 
that. So landuse=residential if it is not already part of a greater 
landuse=residential area.
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