[Tagging] New Tag "Departures" voting results.

Jarek PiĆ³rkowski jarek at piorkowski.ca
Tue Mar 5 17:35:42 UTC 2019


If your use case is people using the query tool on
https://openstreetmap.org to follow links to PDFs to plan a journey,
then whatever tagging specification you use doesn't really matter as
long as it's understandable to the people viewing it - a link looks
like a link so that's quite easy. For that matter, for the
10-trips-a-day routes, if you're willing to put in the manual effort,
you can probably put the departures into a "departures" tag on the
stop and it'll be useful when someone queries the stop - the proposal
got rejected so it's not official guidance, but it doesn't have to be
official for you to add it and for people to view it.

But that will never be consumed by transit apps not specialized to a
given area, so the benefit of worldwide standardization is very very

General-purpose transit apps need a machine-readable data format and
for better or worse, GTFS is the least bad and by far most widespread
one we've got. Everything else is proprietary, horrible to work with
(XML SOAP and the like), or both. I know that NaPTAN data got imported
in some regions of London a good couple of years back, but I really
draw your attention to the "last modified 2013" in the DfT page you've
linked - GTFS won and the world has moved on, even Germans are
starting to publish transit open data as GTFS now.

Where we don't have GTFS, but want to have machine-readable and
widely-machine-understood timetables for public transit systems,
building a GTFS file seems a far better option than inventing yet
another standard within OSM.

> I'd use website=* for domains like www.foo.com but url=* for a specific page within a website.

I'm not familiar with tagging guidance that suggests this, though
everyone may tag as they like, and in the end the tagging doesn't
really matter as any tags on stops that give URLs to HTML or PDF
timetables or departures will not be used by general-purpose transit


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