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Am Mi., 6. März 2019 um 09:55 Uhr schrieb Jan S <grimpeur78 at gmail.com>:

> Am 6. März 2019 01:57:21 MEZ schrieb Martin Koppenhoefer <
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> >if you think about it, there are more police forces in Germany,
> >particularly if we find more specific tagging for specific categories
> >of forces (e.g. Bereitschaftspolizei, Autobahnpolizei,
> >Wasserschutzpolizei, LKA, BKA) and others that might eventually be
> >considered police like Zoll, Steuerfahndung, Justizvollzugsbeamte,
> >Küstenwache, Forstamt (forrester), Ordnungsamt,
> >Wirtschaftskontrolldienst, Feldjäger, ...
> IMO you're mentioning two types of forces. All those that carry the notion
> "Polizei" as part of their name are police forces.

yes, no doubt about this ;-)

> They are either part of the state or the federal police (except the BKA,
> which is a separate entity).

actually there is no "Polizei" in "Bundeskriminalamt", nor is it in
"Landeskriminalamt", but I guess we agree these are both police forces?
This demonstrates that "Polizei" as part of the name is not a requirement.

> I think hence that a subdivision as to whether a unit belongs to the state
> or the federal police is sufficient in Germany.

I would be interested to go into more detail. Currently, AFAIK there is not
even a way to distinguish between federal and "Länder" police?

> Also, different units of the same police force may share facilities.


> All other forces or entities are part of the administration.

I do not understand this sentence, aren't police forces in general part of
the administration?

> The main difference is that the police may intervene in any issue of any
> other entity, as long as that other entity is not available or not able to
> cope with the situation. E.g. the police intervene in prison riots if the
> prison staff cannot deal with the situation. Or, if you're partying hard
> during the day, it'll be the Ordnungsamt knocking on your door, while at
> night it'll be the police (who may also knock during the day, if the
> Ordnungsamt for some reason can't).
> This, however, will have to be defined according to the domestic situation
> in every state.

yes, the compentences aren't necessarily unique, if you pour oil on the
beach you might get into problems with any kind of police, including the
local police and coast guards (Küstenwache), and probably Ordnungsamt as

IMHO we need to distinguish different kind of facilities (e.g. a police
station from police barracks) and different kind of police types at the
facility (e.g. coast guards, customs, federal police, military police, etc.
plus subtypes as required.)

Regarding the facility type, the tag "amenity=police" is choosen poorly
because it may be interpreted as any kind of police facility, or it may be
seen as "for police stations only". (Btw. there are also different kind of
police stations based on size/rank and opening hours, at least in Germany,
e.g. "Polizeiwache", "Polizeipräsidium" / Direktion, "Kriminalkommisariat",
"Polizeiposten", "Polizeirevier", etc., some of which also imply certain
operator types (Kriminal...))
The details may vary in Germany according to the Bundesland.

I am not only interested in the German situation, but would like to collect
more tagging requirements  from other realities as well, so that it can
become a global scheme, although I would recommend to tag the specific name
in the local language (see above) as well (not necessarily in name, might
eventually be a candidate for official name).

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