[Tagging] amenity=police

Jan S grimpeur78 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 6 17:17:12 UTC 2019

Am 6. März 2019 13:56:43 MEZ schrieb Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com>:

>IMHO we need to distinguish different kind of facilities (e.g. a police
>station from police barracks) and different kind of police types at the
>facility (e.g. coast guards, customs, federal police, military police,
>plus subtypes as required.)
>Regarding the facility type, the tag "amenity=police" is choosen poorly
>because it may be interpreted as any kind of police facility, or it may
>seen as "for police stations only". (Btw. there are also different kind
>police stations based on size/rank and opening hours, at least in
>e.g. "Polizeiwache", "Polizeipräsidium" / Direktion,
>"Polizeiposten", "Polizeirevier", etc., some of which also imply
>operator types (Kriminal...))
>The details may vary in Germany according to the Bundesland.
>I am not only interested in the German situation, but would like to
>more tagging requirements  from other realities as well, so that it can
>become a global scheme, although I would recommend to tag the specific
>in the local language (see above) as well (not necessarily in name,
>eventually be a candidate for official name).

I propose that we proceed on two levels. On the one hand we should define a general "police" scheme that's sufficiently general to cover police facilities worldwide. That could be the "police" tag I've proposed, and a list of keys for typical facilities. This scheme should provide a tag for points of first contact, typically with 24/7 service (i.e. the prototype of a local police station). Other police stations that don't fulfil this role could be grouped as e.g. "police=office" or "police=administration" and then be differentiated by the name tag. Otherwise we could represent the level of hierarchy of the respective offices with something like a "police:admin=1-5" scheme, but I wouldn't see the use of doing so.

The other question that remains unresolved (and IMO can only be resolved in every state or region autonomously) is the definition of what is to be considered police. But independently of the respective local definition, the corresponding sites should be able to be mapped under a new police-scheme.


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