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> Pets is probably a bit vague, many hotels will accept pet dogs, but are
> less likely  to accept cats and extremely unlikely to my pet alligator (no
> I don't really own one).

Some holiday cottages accept dogs but place a limit on the number (only
one; a maximum of two; etc.)
Yes, some do accept cats, and there are many cat owners who would love to
be able to take their
cat on holiday with them.  So it would be nice if we had something a little
more flexible than

Obviously dogs=no will only apply to pets, registered assistance dogs are
> covered by the law of the country, in the UK a hotel/pub/restaurant is not
> allowed to refuse assistance dogs. I assume the same is true throughout the
> EU.

I believe that, in the UK, NO business can refuse assistance dogs (but I
could be wrong).  It's also
the case in the UK that non-assistance dogs are NOT legally prohibited from
pubs and
restaurants but only from food preparation areas: it's the owner's decision
as to whether or not
dogs are allowed where food is served and sold.  See

Many shops and a few restaurants in my town display a sign somewhere saying
that dogs
are allowed.

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