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>> There are efforts to map roads also as areas though, and sooner or later this kind of mapping will be established (in built up areas and particularly where the shape is not regular, so that it actually makes sense to do it, e.g. historic town centres).
> "Sooner or later" is likely to be a lot later for much of the map.   For instance, I've mapped several
> lay-bys (rest areas) from aerial imagery alone.  They tend to be on very long roads (otherwise
> you wouldn't need to pull in for a break).  Mapping the full extent of a road with a lay-by as an
> area would be very tedious, and there are far too many other things as yet unmapped of more
> importance.

I was referring to built up areas (=in settlements), especially for roads with irregular shape, are those long roads with rest areas also in built-up areas?

In the countryside I do not expect we will map roads as areas even in the far future (unless we will have machines to do it for us, maybe).

The parking areas in question are also within settlements, and those rest areas will typically be mapped with their access roads, at least around here.

Cheers, Martin 
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