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On 11/03/19 14:39, Sergio Manzi wrote:
> On 2019-03-11 04:05, Warin wrote:
>> On 11/03/19 10:29, Sergio Manzi wrote:
>>> In Italy there are five main, state-wide, police corps:
>>>   * /Polizia di Stato/: a civil organization with civil jurisdiction
>>>     (/with several different branches dealing with specific
>>>     activities/).
>>>   * /Carabinieri/: a military branch with military jurisdiction, but
>>>     also civil jurisdiction.
>>>   * /Polizia penitenziaria/:  a civil organization handling prisons,
>>>     but with also other civil jurisdictions.
>> In the UK these are not police officers and their powers are only 
>> while 'acting as a prison officer' i.e. in relation to prisoners.
>> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Her_Majesty%27s_Prison_Service#Powers_and_structure
>> They are not considered 'police' by the general populace.
> Not here. Automatic Google translation (/sorry, no time for good 
> translation.../) from the Italian Wikipedia article 
> (https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corpo_di_polizia_penitenziaria):
>     /"//Mainly it carries out the task of managing people subjected to
>     restrictions or restriction of personal freedom. It also carries
>     out traffic police activities pursuant to art. 12 of the Highway
>     Code /[but TBH I never saw them acting in this capacity, mainly
>     handled by the Polizia Stradale (part of the Polizia di Stato) and
>     by the Carabinieri. smz]/, participates in the maintenance of
>     public order, carries out judicial police activities and public
>     safety even outside the prison environment, as well as all other
>     police forces, carries out escort activities for the protection of
>     institutional personalities (Minister of Justice, Undersecretaries
>     of State) and magistrates.//"/
>>>   * /Guardia di finanza/: a military organization, but depending
>>>     from the Ministry of Finance, with civil jurisdiction on
>>>     financial matters.
>> What do you mean by "military organization'? (/Guardia di finanza)/
>> Are they under the command of the army/navy/air force?
>> Or is that the personnel structure is similar to the military 
>> (captains, corporals, etc)
> No, they are in a very peculiar situation: they are a militarized 
> organzation, but not depending from the Ministry of Defence, but the 
> Ministry of Finance. English Wikipedia aricle about them is quite good 
> so I refer you to it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guardia_di_Finanza
>>>   * /Corpo delle capitanerie di porto - Guardia costiera/: a
>>>     military organization, roughly comparable to the US Coast Guard.
>>  More like the navy?
>> Or 'water police'?
>> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_police
>> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metropolitan_Police_Marine_Policing_Unit
> They are part of the Italian Navy (Marina Militare) but their 
> responsiblities are more akin of those of the "US Coast Guard". Quite 
> good English Wikipedia article for them too: 
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corps_of_the_Port_Captaincies_%E2%80%93_Coast_Guard
> Cheers!

Thanks... I have a bit of reading to do.
The world sure is a mixed up place.
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