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Il giorno sab 9 mar 2019 alle ore 22:15 Tom Pfeifer <t.pfeifer at computer.org>
ha scritto:

> I have severe problems with your process. First, yes it is an import. You
called it an import
> yourself ("manually importing") here, and on the Italien list where you
first asked about the
> tagging.
> Where did you see a "100 nodes" limit documented? You are copying from
one database
> into another, and if you do just one node a day, it is a slow import.

As stated in the main wiki page [1], importing is "(also known as Bulk
Importing)". Maybe I misunderstood this wider acceptation when I started a
manual insertion of POIs, limiting by myself the number not to trigger it
as an import.

If anybody in this ML considers that this activity is different from
getting informations from hotel websites and putting them in OSM, I will
immediately abort the insertions.

> You were criticized for stretching the opening_hours syntax to describe
seasonal operations ("Jan 01
> - Dec 31"), but did not respond nor adjust your tagging.

Sorry for that. Is it wrong? I did test it with JOSM OpeningHoursEditor [2]
plugin. If anybopdy in this ML prefers 24/7 I will change the values. I
used "Jan 01 - Dec 31" just to set a value consistent to overall hotel
dataset opening periods.

> Your import focuses on soft business policies, such as allowing pets or
supervising kids. Such
> policies can change even more rapidly, and are better shown in separate
datasets and not OSM itself.

This consideration raises a huge question about italian fuel stations,
since operators, brands and names come and go.
In case of a future regular import, I'll remove pets and childcare,
inserting just phisical elements like gymn, garage, air-conditioning,
welness etc.

> Your import does not include any check, how current or old the data in
the imported set are. In the
> hotel business, things can change very fast. Hotels open and close, and
change ownership and
> operations.>

In umap, dataset layer you can read  RAFVG opendata, ottobre [october]
2017. Anyway terms like "very fast" are subjective: some time ago I aborted
a draft for Bed& Breakfast import bacause surveys detected some business
shut downs. So who's in charge of the "very" fast evaluations? If we demand
that every entry in possible source dataaset is right what do you think
will be the situation in OSM today?

> The link on your Umap site leads to [5], which is licensed under the
Italian Open Data License,
> linked here [6]. It requires attribution, machine-translated: "On
condition of: indicate the source
> of the Information and the name of the Licensor, including, if possible,
a copy of this license or a
> link (link) to it."
> You have not attributed correctly. You changesets, e.g. [7], give in the
CS comment "RAFVG source",
> which is an incomprehensible acronym if you don't know the context. The
CS has no source tag at all
> (although the editor you use has a mechanism for it),

You are right, but I can't find that mechanism in Level0

>thus you do not name the source correctly, you
> do not name the Licensor, and you do not include a link although
possible. You have also not checked
> if the attribution on the changeset only would be sufficient.> You use
and advertise in your umap the use of Level0 as an editor. This tool is
excellent for
> quickly fixing a tag, but I would find it error-prone to upload mass
changes without a validation step.
> Thus I conclude: Visualising the dataset in your Umap approach [1] is an
excellent idea, unreviewed
> copying of the data into OSM is not.

Anyway, If you consider the activity is definitely an import, I'll revert
involved changesets,  taking in account  the above disapproval points.

[1] https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Import
[2] https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/JOSM/Plugins/OpeningHoursEditor
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