[Tagging] mapping large memorial objects that roads pass through.

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Tue Mar 12 10:38:11 UTC 2019

The minimum that is needed is a layer=1 for the torii itself as it is above
the road, not at the same level.

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> >
> > I understand about tunnel=building_passage for ways that pass through
> structures, but there are some objects that roads go "under", similar to
> bridges, but are not bridge-like items.
> >
> > In my local area, there are two large torii (shinto gates) that public
> roads pass through the center of. They are ~ 10m tall and about 10m wide,
> and the base poles are on their own landuse - but the public road and
> sidewalk go through the m.
> >
> > The gate is a monument, and I mapped it as a building=yes &
> man_made=torii . I mapped the road and sidewalk as tunnels through it, but
> that seems wrong. It is a large object that deserves to be mapped, but I am
> unsure how to do it right.
> >
> > I assume this comes up with footpaths that go through smaller torii,
> archways, trellis’, and other “overhead” structures, but often times those
> structures are unmapped.
> Map the entire footprint of the torii, and then map the section of the
> road that passes under with covered=yes? That's what I've done for at
> least one road (that passes under a building that is buit as a bridge
> over a ravine) https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/478979357 . It
> appears to render sensibly, and the tagging makes sense to me.
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