[Tagging] Use of old_name (was Re: Mapping deforestation)

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Tue Mar 12 13:42:52 UTC 2019

Am Di., 12. März 2019 um 13:17 Uhr schrieb Marc Gemis <marc.gemis at gmail.com

> What if some friends say we'll meet next year again in front of the Whizzo.
> In the meantime, the Whizzo closes and is replaced with a restaurant
> Eatwell.
> If they can then search for the old name it's useful, because they
> might not be overly familiar with the area and don't know the place
> has changed.
> They will also see the new name and the new function within the tags.
> So they now know they have to meet in front of a restaurant now.

to me, the tag "old_name" means the old name of what is mapped, a name that
was once in use for this "thing" and is now commonly replaced by a
different "name". If there once was a restaurant Whizzo, which closed or
moved away and now there is an Eatwell, then for me "Whizzo" is not
generally the old_name of the Eatwell (it would be if Whizzo at some time
decided to rebrand itself as Eatwell or it could be if the restaurant
basically looked the same and only the name (and maybe operator) changed).
old_name may be clearer for place names, where it is often not in question
that it is about the same place (e.g. Chemnitz -> Karl-Marx-Stadt ->
Chemnitz couldn't find traces of old_name in this case though) while most
of the restaurant tags refer to the service and operating business. It may
also be useful for subway stations or renamed streets (you may even find
old street signs, especially if they are engraved into building walls they
will typically not be "scratched over").

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