[Tagging] Multipolygon (several outers) forest with different leaf_types: mapping strategy?

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 13 14:12:50 UTC 2019

Le 13.03.19 à 14:59, David Marchal a écrit :
> the JOSM validator claims that contiguous outer members is an error

yes it's- the sum of all outer should not have a "internal" way
like this one 
so draw a new way for the outer of this part
or split currents ways to include only the outer part in the relation
and make another relation for the leaf_type

> openstreetmap.org renders a misplaced name

It doesn't seem so misplaced
but that's not due to the tag

> no leaf_type

it's hard to render a forêt with several leaf_type
you may put natural=wood landcover=trees to every part of the forêt 
having a different leaf_type
but you 'll have a duplicate forest : a foret at the relatin level and 
at every part. currently i'm not aware of a good schema to avoid this 
(you can trick some QA tools by using landuse=forest for the 
relationship and natural=wook for all parts, but see the wiki for 
forest, the meaning of these 2 tags is random/variable depending on the 
mapper, the only meaning you can get is "there are trees", the same 
meaning for the 2 tag)


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