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Sergio Manzi smz at smz.it
Wed Mar 13 20:30:31 UTC 2019

On 2019-03-13 19:04, Volker Schmidt wrote:
> On Wed, 13 Mar 2019 at 15:45, Sergio Manzi <smz at smz.it <mailto:smz at smz.it>> wrote:
>     Have mappers walked along the whole world coastlines? Have they descended all world's rivers by canoe?
> No, these are examples where imports make sense as these are feature that change slowly (normally) 
>     Have all Mumbay, New York, Rome, Shanghai, etc., streets and alleys been walked by volunteers mapping their location and names?
> No, but many have been photographed and the photographs are available with open license (Mapillary and OpenStreetCam) and many raods have been recorded with GPX tracks. This allows armchair mapping with high quality results, where the mapper does not need to be the photographer.
> New York on OpenStreetCam <https://openstreetcam.org/map/@40.73919689890453,-73.96898232070473,13z>, Amsterdam on Mapillary <https://www.mapillary.com/app/?focus=map&lat=52.37459220767326&lng=4.898735500000043&z=11.451877849993338>
>     All the peaks escalated?
> Again classical data that change slowly, where imports are justified.
> But when you start importing trees or buildings or hotels or petrol stations or shops or crops than you are importing  perishable data which are maintained outside OSM, and hence need frequent updates, with the obvious cost that they need to be updated in the external source database and in the OSM database in synchronism.
> Volker

Fair enough, Volker, I agree on all your points. But let's recap, if you don't mind.

My objection was to Tom Pfeifer assertion "/I think you misunderstand. OSM is *based **on locally sourced, handcrafted data*. That creates the high quality./"

To me "/based on/" means the bulk of data which constitues OSM foundation.

I also have to admit that as far as concern myself, I'm very much more interested in what you call "/data that changes slowly/" and I see that as the OSM foundation:

  * natural terrain with all its features like hills, mountains, rivers and lakes, forests and land cover in general
  * man made features like highways, canals, buildings, bridges, etc.
  * persistent and generally useful information like street numbers

The above, slowly changing information, is what I think represent OSM "base" information, and I don't believe the bulk of the above is "locally sourced, handcrafted data", but I'm ready to change my mind if proved wrong.

I also think that, as you correctly pointed out, both me and Peter, (/I guess.../) forgot about "armchair mapping" which is neither "import" nor "locally sourced" and probably represent a huge amount of data in OSM.


As far as regards Giovanni's import, my position is that I'm pretty sure that the work he has done is of high quality, probably much better than many "locally sourced" information (/you probably have an idea of the quantity of "locally sourced" crap I see here in Venice, mainly self-defined hotels and  B&B which are... nothing... just the address of people renting their rooms/apartment/ and stick a name on it).

Personally I would be much happier if OSM would limit itself to its "base layer" and let other data aggregators handle different kind of information: if I want an Hotel or a room I can go to Tripadvisor or to Airbnb (/not endorsing those //_in any way_//, just an example.../), see if it accepts my pet and my credit card and then use OSM to navigate to the address.

Unhappily things are not like this and we are mapping hotels. In this regard I strongly tend to trust Giovanni import much more than the "locally sourced" data.



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