[Tagging] Wild changes to wiki pages changing the cycleway tagging scheme

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemed.net
Fri Mar 15 09:03:01 UTC 2019

Mateusz Konieczny wrote:
> Yes, one of main points of StreetComplete is to allow editing 
> without knowing how objects are tagged, similarly iD.
> It means that to count "how many people decided to use tag 
> XYZ" all iD users and all StreetComplete users count as say 
> 4 people because not each mapper is deciding on its own 
> but it is decision of whoever makes the software.

Oh, come on. Just because iD has an actual user interface doesn't mean that
every single iD user is unaware of the tags used. There are plenty of
experienced mappers (I'm one) who choose not to use JOSM because they just
don't like JOSM, believe it or not!

On topic: I don't have a great preference for either tagging scheme (they're
both a bit ungainly, I've found them both a bit of a PITA to support in
cycle.travel's tag parsing). cycleway=opposite_lane is concise but unclear.
Regardless, both are in widespread use so the wiki should document both.


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