[Tagging] Wild changes to wiki pages changing the cycleway tagging scheme

Hubert87 sg.forum at gmx.de
Fri Mar 15 18:42:06 UTC 2019

Hi again,

lets ignore the cycleway:left:oneway=-1 for a moment and just consider 
cycleway:left=lane vs cycleway:left=opposite_lane.

To me the main difference is, that cycleway:left=opposite_lane can only 
be used when the carriageway itself is a one way street (legally speaking).

because of that, opposite_lane is conditioned on and mixing two 
conceptional different physical objects (cycleway and carriageway), that 
are only represented as one osm way.

Remove oneway=yes (/form the carriageway/) and you need to change 
cycleway:left=opposite_lane into cycleway:left=lane, too.

Also, have you considered, how you would tag a dual-cycleway on the 
left-hand side of a one way carriageway?(eg cycleway:left=? + 



(P.S. I'm assuming right-hand-traffic)

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