[Tagging] Wild changes to wiki pages changing the cycleway tagging scheme

"Christian Müller" cmue81 at gmx.de
Sun Mar 17 12:14:58 UTC 2019

This is not or at best conditionally true.

oneway:bicycle=no tells you /nothing more/ than that bicycles
can pass in both directions of a oneway, but it does not tell
you /where/ in the street or /how/, nor about the degree of
safety doing so, i.e. if a lane is marked.

cycleway:[left|right|both|none]:oneway=[-1|no] is specific
about a marked lane or track, which means that the information
is less imprecise and that you can do a lot more with it when
using that data to render maps.

For the general aspect you've selected to talk about your
findings are true, but this is one among many uses of the
data, read: a selective interpretation of data.


> On 03/16/19, 22:43, Andrew Davidson wrote:
> An: "Tag discussion, strategy and related tools" <tagging at openstreetmap.org>, "Martin Koppenhoefer" <dieterdreist at gmail.com>
> Betreff: Re: [Tagging] Wild changes to wiki pages changing the cycleway tagging scheme
> How are they different? If I have a oneway=yes way:
> A--->B
> oneway:bicycle=no tells me that bicycles can pass along this way A->B 
> and B->A
> exactly the same case if there is any of the tags:
> cycleway:[left|right|both|none]:oneway=[-1|no]
> They tell me the same thing. The point of this discussion is what the 
> *preferred* method should be not how many different ways there are to 
> tag the same piece of information.

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