[Tagging] I have been tagging mosques wrong all along

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Sun Mar 24 02:40:30 UTC 2019

I agree that the parking lot is part of the landuse. This is a good
arguement for tagging landuse=religious forbtyh whole area, including
parking lots, religious classrooms (eg Sunday School, Hebrew School etc),
and religious office associated with the place of worship, while using
amenity=place_of_worship on the building(s) or land used for prayer, rites,
ceremony, assembly, or other forms of worship.


> Parking areas associated with a shop I tag as landuse=retail together
with the shop.

> See no reason why things associated with a religious feature should not
also be similarly tagged - they are for the use of that feature and so
should be included as part of the features land use ???
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