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> Hi
> https://snag.gy/3jSyt7.jpgSteps provided so that a rider can climb back on. Any ideas?  Could find anything in Taginfo or wiki
> https://snag.gy/mwYNd6.jpghttps://snag.gy/mwYNd6.jpgamenity/leisure=horse_mount, maybe.
> https://snag.gy/mwYNd6.jpg
> This example is provided at a road/bridleway crossing where the rider can dismount if required.

I have the same question - here's one on a mountaintop, which is set
up so that persons with moderate to severe mobility impairments can
mount a horse from a wheelchair and visit that mountain.


Without the platforms and bridle path, it's inaccessible to anyone
other than relatively fit hikers. (It's about a 13 km hike, with maybe
700 m of elevation gain.)

I don't think I'd label this a 'mounting block' but I have no idea
what to call it.

One platform is visible in orthos at
and the other on the north side of the clearing at
The other structures at the summit are a fire tower, the fire
observer's cabin (unstaffed since the 1990's, now preserved as a
historic site) a picnic table and an outhouse.

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