[Tagging] Horse mounting steps compared to horse walker

Hufkratzer hufkratzer at gmail.com
Sun Mar 31 13:08:54 UTC 2019

Am 31.03.2019 04:30, schrieb Warin:
> On 27/03/19 20:23, Hufkratzer wrote:
>> On 27.03.2019 07:37, Warin wrote:
>>> [...]
>>> I'd still call it a 'mounting block' ... no steps in the name so it 
>>> can be a ramp or, in your case, a platform. Add wheelchair=yes and a 
>>> description=* tag ???
>> +1, in wikipedia it's also called 'mounting block', see 
>> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mounting_block.
>> But isn't it too primitive to be an amenity? What about 
>> animal=mounting_block? We have animal=horse_walker.
> I was not aware of the key animal. Looks to be used for all sorts of 
> things ..
>  access?
> the kind of animal in a zoo exhibit?
> Very poorly organised.... I would not go there!
> Looks to come from the German talk group.. nothing to do with the 
> tagging group?
> [...]

I somehow agree. But there are some tags with key animal in use and 
documented in the wiki:

- animal=school used 672x, competing tag: amenity=animal_training used 406x
- animal=horse_walker used 381x, proposed
- animal=sport used 210x, only documented on wiki page "DE:Tiere" 
(Hundesportverein), competing key: club=*
- animal=wellness used 165x documented on wiki page "Animals"
- animal=cemetery used 93x documented on wiki page "Animals"
- animal=swimming used 20x documented on wiki page "Animals"
- animal=crematorium used 6x documented on wiki page "Animals"

Would it under these conditions be recommendable to make a proposal for 
amenity=horse_walker which competes with existing proposal for 
animal=horse_walker? animal=horse_walker is used 381 times, it was 
proposed in 2013, I couldn't find any discussion about it and the 
creator of the proposal seems to be inactive since March 2015.
amenity=horse_walker isn't used yet, man_made=horse_walker is used 3x, 
building=horse_walker 9x.

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