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Thu May 2 19:55:40 UTC 2019


I used to live in Fribourg, Switzerland where they put "whispering asphalt" on one of the main roads in order to prevent noise. You can barely hear an EV now, but that is another story.

Since we have quite a lot of discussions about noise pollution I thought it might be a good idea to implement a tag for that.

surface=whispering_asphalt or surface=silent_asphalt came to my mind but I don't know what the official term for that aspahlt in English is. In German we call it "Fl├╝sterbelag" or "Fl├╝sterasphalt".

Then I found on Overpass-Turbo someone that tagged "asphalt:type=porous". [1] Since I don't work in that area I don't know for sure if this is the same thing as I imagine and I found only one Wikipedia article in German [2] about that asphalt I mean.

I personally prefer one of my first ideas, since I hate to add another key/value if I can say it in one.

I look forward to hear your thoughts and comments.

Ueli (amilopowers)

[1] https://overpass-turbo.eu/s/Iky (click "run")
[2] https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asphalt#Offenporiger_Asphalt

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