[Tagging] Is there a good way to indicate "pushing bicycle not allowed here"?

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Wed Nov 6 11:35:58 UTC 2019

Yes, indeed, and not only for motorcycle.
also moped and mofa.
There is law that says, pushing the mofa, moped, motorcycle, you must follow 
the rules of a pedestrian.
It also says, where the pedestrian should walk, first on a footway, if that 
is not there, on cycleway, if that is not there, the verge or the side of 
the road.
Law says, the "vehicle" the "motorcycle" is forbidden to use the lane of the 
road after this sign, when passing the sign. The above rule overrules is, 
pushing is then allowed, rules of the pedestrian to follow.
Or undersign, where in text "the vehicle" is mentioned/forbidden.

Then there are these privat access_signs, with text,  where mostly "the 
vehicle" is mentioned in text, not the mode of transportation.

Not only for bicycle dismount is used. These mofa moped motorcycle, need 
also wiki pages.

Where "the vehicle" is forbidden, by sign or by text.
Take a value, that others can use too.

? Just a thought!
If you can solve it with a value, do not use a new key!
Otherwise the two keys can be used next to each other, we must avoid this. 
no_vehicle is a hard no.
Easier to use for routers, I think, then checking multiple tags.
My point is, which method to use, it should be useable for more kinds of 
If? use a new key, other transportation modes need also such a key.
Do not vote for one key, make them all at once.

>to document why it is used and why it is anyway duplicate of bicycle=no.

Routers, do not use the bicycle=no as strict as, because "OSM tagging 
quote from Brouter discussion, 19/20 September
>Hm, but in very most cases, bicycle=no is used effectively in sense of 
>bicycle=dismount, not in in sense No bicycles here.
>The only relevant interpretation of bicycle=no is the OSM tagging 
>intention, not what I or you think about it.

We need a hard and strict no.
I need to express the access, so that routers do not use no as a dismount.
I know it is the routers choice. But I want no bicycles there when i set a 

People use also:
bicycle=privat, what is the meaning of that? pushing a bike is allowed?


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> On 6. Nov 2019, at 01:25, Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com> wrote:
> Does motor_vehicle=no mean I can push one though there? I did think not 
> ... at least not on a regular basis

indeed, moto_vehicle=no does not prevent you from pushing your motorcycle.

Cheers Martin

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