[Tagging] Is there a good way to indicate "pushing bicycle not allowed here"?

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Wed Nov 6 14:17:55 UTC 2019

Am Mi., 6. Nov. 2019 um 12:47 Uhr schrieb Allroads <allroadsworld at gmail.com

> Not only for bicycle dismount is used. These mofa moped motorcycle, need
> also wiki pages.

IMHO we need neither bicycle=dismount, nor similar tags for mofas, mopeds,
motorcycles and other vehicles. If you dismount, you are a pedestrian
(according to many jurisdictions), and the tagging for "foot" already
covers your usecase / mode of transportation.

? Just a thought!

> bicycle=no_vehicle
> mofa=no_vehicle
> moped=no_vehicle
> motorcycle=no_vehicle
> ?
> If you can solve it with a value, do not use a new key!

it would not be sustainable, because current routers would use default
access restrictions when not explicitly tagged, and likely also when they
don't understand the value, so unless "no_vehicle" became sufficiently
popular, the "no_vehicle" values would prevent mappers from adding "no"
values, effectively leading to an unknown value in many applications, which
would typically result in applicating the default rules, which are often
"yes". As this is a very rare restriction, it is probable that many
applications will not want to deal with it.

> Otherwise the two keys can be used next to each other, we must avoid this.

IMHO having 2 distinct tags next to each other is preferable. At most there
could result inconsistencies (you may ride but not bring your vehicle),
which would be automatically detectable and could be solved by mappers.
Also, as far as this thread goes, the restrictions apply to _pushed_
vehicles. It would not prevent you from putting your vehicle on a handcart
and push this, or would it? Or disassemble your car, put them on a handcart
and transport your car piece by piece ;-) Seriously, these extra rules for
things a pedestrian may bring with her, seem arbitrary. They had problems
with people pushing their bike, so they are forbidding it, but it isn't
actually thought through, and simply stating: "you may under no
circumstances brings a bicycle" does not represent them adequately. Is it
forbidden to bring plans to construct a bicycle? When does a bicycle start
to be a bicycle, can you bring a wheel? A group of people could each bring
a bike part and together they could mount it after the barrier (assuming
you may not pass a certain barrier with the bicycle).

We need a hard and strict no.

I would agree with this, altough these are typically not traffic rules but
additional, arbitrary rules like dress codes, gender based restrictions,
People want to express those rules, so we should have a tag that
unambigously expresses the rule.

People use also:
> bicycle=privat, what is the meaning of that? pushing a bike is allowed?

It does not say anything about pushing a bicycle, you would need the "foot"
restriction to know it. bicycle=privat means there are generic access
restrictions for riding bicycles and individual exceptions to them.

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