[Tagging] Service road - Can it be a driveway if serving multiple houses?

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Fri Nov 8 16:38:34 UTC 2019

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> Hi
> In the UK, Amazon Logistics are adding useful data from their GPS'd
> delivery vehicles. Mainly highway=service as the last part of their
> journey to a destination.
> However, one of their contributors removed service=driveway from a
> highway=service road. In the changeset comments they said it was because
> it served multiple residential properties.

 Weird.  In the US, this happens somewhat regularly, and usually for some
variation of a few reasons.

   - A landlocked lot has an easement on an adjacent lot for a driveway.
   The owner of the adjacent lot has their own driveway off the easement to
   minimize landuse dedicated to the movement and storage of vehicles.
   - A flag lot, where the "pole" passes one or more lots that the
   neighboring landowners are getting easement from the flag lot owner to
   limit the overall landuse among all landowners dedicated to driveways.

Usually the more complicated the flag lot/landlocked lot situation is, the
more likely the affected landowners are going to work with each other on
easement to just limit the amount of land everyone loses to driveways.  For
example here in Oklahoma, in situations where there's a landlocked lot
between a landowner with frontage and a flag lot, the typical arrangement
is for the flag lot to have a driveway, and the two other lots to have
easement (even though the frontage lot has, well, frontage), with the
frontage and landlocked lots sharing a wide driveway off the flag lot
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