[Tagging] the nature of large-scale paid edits (was Re: Service road)

Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Fri Nov 8 21:43:48 UTC 2019

On Friday, 8 November 2019, Warin wrote:
> There is simply too much other stuff to do that be worried by every 
> driveway. So I only map them where they are of some interest to other 
> than the resident.
This has been mine, and many other OSM mappers view up until recently.

However home delivery has suddenly become big business, and OSM has become the goto map for one of the biggest in the business. Driveway mapping is important. It enables delivery drivers to effectively find their delivery points. The nearest public highway is not always the route to the front door.

Amazon Logistics have been mapping in The Shire for sometime now. I have generally found them helpful and willing to listen and learn.

I have helped them by taking photos of some of the places where  they have made mistakes to illustrate what is actually on the ground.

They are mapping in places they have no experience of. I have not really had any issues once the shared driveway concept is explained.

My view is be polite, explain things and remember that whilst I can interpret a lot from aerial imagery of the rural midlands, if I look at imagery of India the colours and shades are different as it is hotter and dryer and I don't have a clue.

One of the issues I do see is that there is a very high turnover of mappers so explaining things does need to be done a bit more frequently than I would have expected.

Phil (trigpoint)
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