[Tagging] shop=ice_cream vs amenity=ice_cream and OSM Wiki vs tagging

Paul Allen pla16021 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 10 17:50:12 UTC 2019

On Sun, 10 Nov 2019 at 17:33, Mateusz Konieczny <matkoniecz at tutanota.com>

Are you claiming that there is some consistent difference between
> shop=ice_cream and amenity=ice_cream in real tagging by mappers?

I would hesitate to claim that mappers tag anything consistently.  What I
am claiming
is that there are places where you go inside, sit down, and order an ice
cream to
eat whilst seated.  I am claiming that there are other places which have no
for sitting, where you buy an ice cream that you take outside and consume
These differences exist in reality.  How they have been mapped, especially
when the
wiki page is misleading, is another matter.

Are you sure that mappers are consistently using this two tags in this ways?

I am not sure about mappers doing anything consistently.

Because I am not noticing this effect at all, but maybe it is a local
> anomaly.

Maybe it is mappers in countries which do not have both types of facility
erroneously conclude the tags are synonyms, aided by misleading wiki pages.

But given that shop=ice_cream and amenity=ice_cream do not have
> any clear difference based on tags I would be highly surprised that there
> is any real difference in meaning.

I think it unlikely that anyone who has encountered both types of
establishment would
conclude that the same tag equally describes both.  I'll grant you that the
page for ice cream parlours includes establishments that are takeaway only,
but I'm
not sure if that truly reflects US usage.

Here is an image search
which shows mosly ice cream kiosks which are takeaway only.  I would not
refer to those
as ice cream parlours.

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