[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Small electric vehicles

Jan Michel jan at mueschelsoft.de
Mon Nov 11 08:26:29 UTC 2019

Thanks for the comments, Volker!

On 10.11.19 22:09, Volker Schmidt wrote:
> Looked at the proposal.
> It's a spiny set of issues.
> I would discourage electrical_bicycle as this is form the start 
> ambiguous in many jurisdictions: both pedelecs and S-pedelecs are 
> electric bicycles and in many jurisdictions these two are treated very 
> differently.
I asked several international OSM contributors about the term 'pedelec' 
and it turned out this term isn't as widespread as it seemed to me. Most 
people were familiar with 'electric bicycle' but didn't hear the word 
'pedelec' before.
I don't really like the idea to introduce both 'electric_bicycle' as a 
generic term and 'pedelec', 'speed_pedelec' as more narrow tags in case 
we need to be specific.

> In most EEU counties I believe pedelecs are treated like bicycles and 
> S-pedelecs as mofas or light motorcycles. So for these two vehicles we 
> do not need new access tags. They are covered by existing tags.
Correct. At this moment I didn't encounter any specific rules for these 
vehicles. Some legislature will for sure come up with them pretty soon...

> "scooter" is problematic as it has many different types of uses.
>   * The first vehicle type that comes in mind as "scooters" are Vespa
>     scooters that come with different motorizations and therefore can
>     fall in different categories  from mofa to motorcycle.
Exactly - that's why I kept them outside of this proposal. If we get to 
larger vehicles, tagging gets more and more complicated due to the vast 
amount of vehicle classes that exist. We need a more generic tagging 
scheme to add the feature 'electric' to any of these classes, but this 
will need a lot more discussion.

>   * Then here motor-less "kick-scooters"
>   * And then there are "electrical scooters", for which I believe many
>     countries have not yet developed rules.
> Hence the keys "scooter" and "electric_scooter" are out for me.
I'm aware of this ambiguity. However, the term 'scooter' is already 
widespread as a tag. If you have a better name, I'm happy to change it.

> The above argumentation is about the legal access use.

> However it could be argued that for tag classifiers the story is different:
> e.g. "service:electric_bicycle="seems to be a perfect description for 
> places that service electrical-bicycle-like vehicles, i.e. pedelecs and 
> S pedelecs and electricalscooters.
That's exactly where I currently see most use of these tags.


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