[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Small electric vehicles

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 08:41:17 UTC 2019

Am Mo., 11. Nov. 2019 um 09:28 Uhr schrieb Jan Michel <jan at mueschelsoft.de>:

> I don't really like the idea to introduce both 'electric_bicycle' as a
> generic term and 'pedelec', 'speed_pedelec' as more narrow tags in case
> we need to be specific.

if the vehicle class is treated exactly like another one (e.g. pedelec like
a bicycle), I agree there is no need to add an extra key for it, on the
contrary you should not do it (don't tag your local legislation). If there
are differences, we should have a key for every class that makes a
difference (this is how we usually do it with access-tags).

> > "scooter" is problematic as it has many different types of uses.
> >
> >   * The first vehicle type that comes in mind as "scooters" are Vespa
> >     scooters that come with different motorizations and therefore can
> >     fall in different categories  from mofa to motorcycle.
> Exactly - that's why I kept them outside of this proposal. If we get to
> larger vehicles, tagging gets more and more complicated due to the vast
> amount of vehicle classes that exist. We need a more generic tagging
> scheme to add the feature 'electric' to any of these classes, but this
> will need a lot more discussion.

we do not need to add those "electric" to any of these classes as long as
it doesn't matter for the access restriction whether the motor is
combustion or electrical. There's to keep in mind that there may be
different restrictions or permissions not only according to traffic law but
also according to other regulations or more generally based on the context
(private rules on private ground), e.g. vehicles with combustion motors
might be disallowed in some indoor spaces (exhaust fumes, noise etc.) while
electrial may be allowed.

> > Hence the keys "scooter" and "electric_scooter" are out for me.
> I'm aware of this ambiguity. However, the term 'scooter' is already
> widespread as a tag. If you have a better name, I'm happy to change it.

it doesn't help if a tag is in widespread use when the meaning is unclear.
IMHO we should discourage the term even if it is widely used.

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