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> On 10/11/2019 16:53, Greg Troxel wrote:
> >
> > So I agree these tags should be kept separate.
> I'm struggling to comprehend how a question I deliberately kept simple
> at just one sentence long can cause so much misinterpretation.

maybe your question was too simple / brief and led to people
misinterpreting what you actually asked. It seemed you were questioning
that fire stations and ambulance stations should get different tags, and
this may not have seemed completely off, as fire stations indeed often
provide ambulance emergency services as well.

If your question was intended like "why are fire station under the amenity
key and ambulance stations under the emergency key?", the answer would have
probably been that for many years, some people have been running around
telling the others "amenity" was (almost) full and we should spread the
tags under different keys (it was a not so rare notion for years, although
it is now some time that somebody has written amenity was "overcrowded", so
there is hope this fud is overcome).

> >   As for emergency= and
> > amenity=, that's a historical artifact and doesn't matter.
> That just makes it historically wrong. Being incorrect for a long time
> isn't a reason not to fix it. Having two different keys to describe
> entities which come under the heading 'emergency services' is confusing
> to experienced OSMers let alone newbies.

actually, both do not come only under "emergency services", for examples
most ambulances are not operated in emergency mode (but to transport ill
people from one hospital to another, or similar), and fire brigades also
have a significant amount of other work, at least in some places, e.g.
evaluating building applications (e.g. in Germany public buildings and
those accessible to the public and generally buildings with many people in
them, like high rise buildings).
Also, if "emergency" features should be those that are relevant in an
emergency, while ambulance stations and fire stations are relevant for
organizing emergency response, they are typically not important for people
that are hit by an emergency: neither would you have to go to a fire
station if your house is on fire, nor would you go to an ambulance station
if you need emergency treatment. They are not comparable to emergency
departments or similar.

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