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On 15/11/19 00:55, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> Am Do., 14. Nov. 2019 um 11:01 Uhr schrieb Warin 
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>     > tower:construction seems a tag that describes different
>     orthogonal properties according to the mostly used values. Some
>     describe a structural system (eg. lattice, guyed lattice, tube),
>     others a shape (e.g. dish, dome), others a structural property
>     (freestanding), others a material (stone, steel, metal, concrete).
>     It’s a complete mess, and concealed fits nicely by adding yet
>     another different kind of property to it ;-)
>     I think dish and dome are for the antenna. A dome would be a cover
>     to keep stuff out of the real antenna surface - usually a dish.
> Right, what I meant was that something can be a freestanding lattice 
> tower and made of metal. Or a dome covered guyed lattice tower. 
> Usually the same key should describe the same property, not sometimes 
> a material, sometimes a structural system and sometimes the cover of 
> an antenna...

A mircowave antenna with a dome looks like this;

If mappers are using the tags for a tower to describe the antenna then 
they are 'doing it wrong' as the tags for the tower should describe the 
tower, to describe the antenna they should use tags for the antenna.

I don not understand what a "a dome covered guyed lattice tower" is. 
Could be a lattice tower inside a large dome? In which case I would 
expect the dome to be one feature and the tower another feature inside 
OSM, there would be no need to tag the tower with the dome as that would 
be redundant.

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